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Welcome to the Divine Design Center, where cabinets and countertops are our specialties. Are you considering a major home renovation? Or perhaps looking to update a room with a fresh, new look? Let the Divine Design Center answer all of your tough cabinets and countertops remodeling questions with our exemplary service and exceptional experience.

Divine Design Center Cabinets:

For high-quality, affordable cabinets, check out the wide selection in our showroom. Our carefully constructed cabinets are a testament to fine craftsmanship. From solid wood to plywood panels and MDF, the material your cabinets are made from plays a significant role in how your kitchen or bathroom will look. View a variety of different wood species at our showroom, so you can select what style and ambiance would best suit your lifestyle.

At the Divine Design Center, we understand that your kitchen is the cornerstone of a family home. That's why, whether you opt for an earthy, natural setting, a minimalistic, fresh atmosphere, or a vibrant, modern décor, we offer a variety of cabinet frame and door styles. Lay the foundation for your stunning new renovation or remodeling, by personalizing your kitchen with our guaranteed-to-please brands.

When it comes to a bathroom redo, it is the cabinets that have the most impact. At the Divine design center, we know that choosing from a never-ending list of options can be overwhelming. Let the Divine team help you figure out how to maximize your bathroom space, and what material and styles would best suit your bathroom configuration.

Divine Design Center Countertops:

For beautiful, cost-effective countertops, our extensive range of options is sure to please. Is your bathroom vanity in need of a serious makeover? Have you been considering a granite, marble, quartz or soapstone countertop for your kitchen? The list of countertop possibilities is truly endless! At the Divine Design Center, we'll help you look beyond the surface and tell you all you'll need to know about selecting the right countertop.

Nowadays, top-grade countertops, like the ones we showcase in our center, are constructed to last for a long time, possibly even generations. Your countertop decision could be, essentially, a long-term relationship. Countertops are the first thing most people will see when they walk into a room because of their large expanse of flat surface that immediately draws attention. Therefore, as a savvy buyer, you will need to keep both aesthetics and functionality of your new countertop material in mind.

Come and visit the Divine Design Center showroom in Paducah, KY to see all of our divine cabinets and countertops designs! We service the Mayfield, Ledbetter, Benton, Grand Rivers, Eddyville, KY and the Metropolis, Brookport, IL areas. Once you come in, you'll see for yourself that only the Divine Design Center has the finest selection of cabinets and countertops you've ever seen!

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